We are one among the leading manufacturer and Exporter of Polyester Fabric, Nylon fabric, Natural Fabric, and Blended Fabric, located at RJD textile Park, Ichhapore in Surat, Gujarat, India. We have a specialized team in manufacturing fabrics and their blends and our team is also capable of handling various stretch fabrics very easily and quickly.

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To determine the value of a particular property which is used for the reasons of buyingor selling real estate. We do market evaluations with a specific area over a certain period of time. Sometimes, other factors are used to narrow down the properties to compare to the subject property. We keep planning to ensure all of your objectives, target demographics, market research and marketing activities to be best fit your company.


Maintaining quality of all the factors involved in manufacturing process of any raw material defines the quality control of that material. We focus on quality management to fulfill its requirements from the point of view of manufacturing process. Our main focus is on performance, knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and integrity criteria so that we can maintain and deliver the quality of each and every products.


We believe that good design makes a product beautiful and useful. Our best design is not only used to satisfy certain criteria and functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. We believe in a high degree of technical knowledge which is well balanced with creative ability, hands-on approach and the knowledge of industrial processes, techniques and standards and it emphasizes the usefulness of a product.


Being a successful merchant we believe to deliver the best products to the customers with full satisfaction. Our products are designed to meet with the customers requirements. Maintaining quality and producing best product is our main motive. We give first priority to our customers to provide the best products to meet all their requirements.


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